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It’s All Volcanoes

I’m packing the car again

Pretty easy this time around

So many moves

So much whittling down

I’m going home

And it feels like I’ve never been able to say that before

It feels as perfect as it sounds

It happens this way so often

I meet someone who offers up such wonderful conversation

Just as I’m about to leave

I found [this] fit quick and fascinating human

Along a path of trees today

We walked to the top of the knoll and we talked

We started with the landscape

Volcanoes and craters

Sandstone caves and lost languages

We spoke of vaccines and multinationals

With crooks at every turn

How numb we are

How dumb we can be

What on earth are we doing, what can we do

And the neighbours can’t tell what the fluoride is doing

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Someone came and painted his house last week
It’s all black
Dressed up and in mourning
I’m not sure where the old boy’s gone

His backyard was a paddock
Post and rail fence
I used to take a look, through the hedge
Always felt transported, another time indeed

We chattered for a while one day
Standing on the road
Turns out we had both been cowboys, long ago

The old fella had a twinkle in his eye
Like an unsolved mystery from outa space
Scars on his skin that could tell a thousand stories
You lost his attention quickly
When something pretty walked on by
I never did find out, if he’s in that big old paddock in the sky

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

In The Distance

Once upon a time
I spent a lot of it in outer space
At times it was empty
Yet everything was there, never alone

These days I’m here
Nevermore detached from it all

In the distance, I can hear a tune
Elton John, singing about suicide
To ragtime piano

Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash

She’s asked me to stay, seventy-five times
Not so much asked as screamed

I was always prepared for it, planned out
With narrative in mind

And then the phone would ring
And my walls would disappear
Then the smoke would clear
And I’d be there
I’ve been here for years now
Doing what was asked

It’s time I live for me
I’ve started preparing my ground

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

Well here we are
Once again, young man
It’s been quite some time in the making
All of this

And now a plague
A huge dark cloud settled in and around us
It is causing such a blockage in me
Between heart and mind
Nothing has come, for so long

Ideas are now coming
They’re dribbling in
I’m practicing in my sleep
Even during the day, I see some

It may be a bird on a rock
Leaving a little story

I know I need to work at it
Then the gifts will rain on down

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Some Tickets

There is so much to listen to today
I’d rather not hear at all
Except for the birds

The children are in the house
And there are so many sounds

They came home with tickets today
Two books of tickets
Peggy needs to sell them for school, for easter
Down the street, across the street
And around the corner
The dog, a basket and an oversized shirt
Back to school on Monday

With 23 bucks

ePhoto by Devon MacKay on Unsplash

Around My House

Night wanderings are plentiful at the moment
Thousands of little acts playing out
It’s quite difficult to retain anything, clearly

Dreams are always there
All they need is a little care

Photo by Nick Kane on Unsplash

She came up the path

Dragging a cloud of comparison

I couldn’t help but smile

But she was torn

I’ve been there for her

I was there well before it all happened

Before the need to sign papers

Before we had to demand things

From a list

Never having to plan

None of these things ever occurred

I’m a bit of a planner

I plan to be here

And to breath

I plan to listen

And never to scream

I plan to keep loving her

And all those comparisons

Tanami Desert. Unknown image source.

We were sitting in our vehicle remembering how both of us thought it was overkill. Four tyres for one trip? Well, It can happen. Coming to terms with the fact that we had just blown the fifth tyre for the morning. 200km into a very long drive. Where we’d stopped…

Photo by Michalis Mantelos on Unsplash

We breath water
in the beginning

Squeeze through a keyhole
to a land of lost magic

Cursed and controlled
by the darkest of fates

We know we can see it
it’s just somewhat silent

We can travel through space
and eradicate time

There’s a game going on
and naught are the rules
getting deeper and darker
breading us fools

We are taught by the blind
to waken up stronger

Start building are homes
with our hearts and our wombs

For we are what we wonder
and the magic we seek

We need to walk slowly
keep breathing in deep

JJ Aitken

I love rivers. I’d like to cry more. I’d love to live in a tree house. With neighbors scattered around who like to dream up things to do and go on adventures.

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